Try Out the Key West Tour App

Plan your perfect Key West vacation on your mobile device. The audio tour is available for free at the iTunes Store(opens in a new tab) or Google Play(opens in a new tab). This wonderful audiobook organizes the Florida Keys into a geographic-specific playlist so you can listen and get ideas that relate to your travel plans. Many chapters provide cultural and sightseeing information and tips. Others provide fun stories about the great places and history — all for FREE!

Audiobook Chapters

1. Tour Intro

2. Homestead

3. Florida City

4. Key Largo

5. Tavernier

6. Islamorada

7. Marathon

8. Seven Mile Bridge

9. Bahia Honda

10. Key West

Frequently Asked Questions

An audio tour is a real-time guided tour that you listen to you on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. Like a narrated audiobook, the travel app highlights the best of the Florida Keys including historical facts, famous sights, local tips, and much more. The app will make your vacation more meaningful and fun.

No, you can listen on your home computer or on your mobile device with our mp3 audio player.

No, a Wi-Fi or cellphone connection is not required to play the application. Unlike most travel apps on the market, it also works offline. Once a user downloads the audio files, they are saved on the device and a connection is not needed to listen. This saves you the cost of pricey data charges and the hassle of finding a good WiFi connection.

The tour lasts about 90 minutes and covers 125 miles, from Homestead to Key West. The playlist is divided into 10 chapters. You can play the audio at any time, from any location. However, if you are driving to the Keys, you may wish to play the chapters at the Start Points listed on the playlist.

The travel app is designed to be used at home, or on the road; it’s a fantastic app to help you plan your vacation and can also be used as a driving tour on a road trip down to the Keys.

Beautifully illustrated maps are available on the main menu of the app. You can also download and print them before your leave home: Florida Keys Map & Key West Map.

The app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Mandarin. The language is determined by your device. If the language setting on your device is English, you will hear the English audiobook.

iPhone instructions:

  • To change the Language, go to: Settings -> General -> International -> Region Format + Language
  • To change the Country, go to: Settings -> General -> International -> Region Format

Android instructions:

To change the Language, go to: Settings > Language & keyboard > System language

After you have changed the language on your device, go back to the app store and install the app.

If you have already downloaded the app, but wish to hear it in another language, you must uninstall the app and change the language setting on your device, before installing the app in a new language.

Go to: Settings > Apps > Downloaded. Select the app you wish to uninstall. On the screen you may see two buttons: Clear Cache and Clear Data — Press them both and then press the button to uninstall the application.

The Key West Tour Guide App is available for free at the iTunes Store and Google Play.